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Tue. 1/8 4:00 PM Fresno Numismatic Society Meeting Join us at this month's meeting of the Fresno Numismatic Society. The meeting will be located at the Las Palmas Masonic Center. The address is locates above and a map is provided by clicking on "map" above. This month's topic is presented by Branko ... more
Tue. 3/12 4:30 PM March Club Meeting Come join us for you March meeting. Ken R. will be talking about Shipwreck coinage for the program. News, reports, auction and refreshments will happen as usual. Doors @ 7:00 "The next meeting of the Fresno Numismatic Society is scheduled for ... more
Tue. 4/9 4:30 PM April Meeting We have a meeting coming up, next F.N.S. meeting is set for Tuesday evening 7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00) April 9, 2013. Scheduled for the program of the evening is going to be "The Modern Minting Process" presented by our very own Mr. Luis Ramos. ... more
Tue. 5/14 4:30 PM Meeting Next meeting of the Fresno Numismatic Society is scheduled for Tuesday evening, May 14, 2013. The program of the evening is going to be something truely new and unique, something we have never done before titled "Numismatic Bingo". It is a cross betw... more
Tue. 6/11 4:30 PM June Meeting

Mini Bourse Night.  Get ready to buy, sell and trade.

Tue. 7/9 4:30 PM July Meeting

Tonights program will be on bank notes of San Fransico.  The meeting will include all of the normal reports and an auction.  Doors at 7, meeting starts at 7:30.  Hope to see you there!

Tue. 8/13 4:30 PM FNS Meeting for August The Fresno Numismatic Society has a monthly meeting coming up August 13, 2013 and I just know, it will be one not to be missed, because the program will be presented by the club's Secretary and Newsletter Editor myself, Randy Clifton. The topic ... more
Tue. 9/10 4:30 PM FNS Meeting for September September brings our White Elphant Auction. Bring your numismatic materials in for donation to the club and have them auctioned off. The proceeds will buy the silver prizes for the Coin Show in October. So bid high and big ofter! Doors @7 M... more
Sat. 10/26
Sun. 10/27
7:00 AM
1:00 AM
Fresno Coin Show The Fresno Numismatic Society Coin Show is happening on October 26-27, 2013. Buy & Sell, Trade & Appraise US Coins, Foreign Coins, Currency, Ancient Money, Medals, Token and much much more! Show is Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4... more
Tue. 11/12 4:30 PM November Meeting FNS would like to welcome you to our Novemeber Meeting. It will consist of our post coin show report and elections for open offices. Please bring you new coin show finds to show everyone and make sure to vote. As always there will be a drawing, au... more
Wed. 12/11 3:30 PM December Meeting This meeting will happen at the Yosemite Fall Cafe on Cedar and Dakota in the Granite Park Shopping Center. This is our annual Christmas Party, the date is WEDNESDAY December 11, 2013. It starts at 7pm and cost is around $15 for the meal. It will ... more
Tue. 1/14 4:30 PM January Meeting

FNS would like to welcome you to our January Meeting Meeting.  

We will be having a special presentation on Mormom Currency.  

As always there will be a drawing, auction and refeshments.


Doors @7



Meeting @7:30

Tue. 2/11 4:00 PM February Meeting FNS would like to welcome you to our January Meeting Meeting. We will be having a night based on the Good, Bad and Ugly. So bring your worst coins. As always there will be a drawing, auction and refeshments. Doors @7 Meeting @7:30
Tue. 3/11 4:30 PM March Meeting

Featured program:  Numismatic Bingo, presented by Randy Clifton.

We will have four rounds of the game, with the winner of each round receiving a nice collectible US coin!

Tue. 4/8 4:30 PM April FNS Meeting

The program for the evening is "Determination of AU vs. BU Grade", presented by James Obler.  This PowerPoint program will debut our new digital projector which we hope will be a useful tool for improving our program capabilities.

Tue. 5/13 4:30 PM FNS May 2014 Meeting Meeting program: Bourse Night. We will host our own coin show, with all members invited to bring numismatic items they want to sell or trade. Bring display cases, lights, power cords, and anything else you need to display your items. Come early i... more
Tue. 6/10 4:30 PM FNS June Meeting The program this month is a discussion of the history of the Carson City Mint, focusing on what happened after the mint discontinued coin production in 1893. Our resident Carson City expert Randy Clifton will present the program. The usual activiti... more
Tue. 7/8 4:30 PM July Meeting

The July meeting will feature a program by Mr. Jim Johnson.  Jim will discuss some important historical figures whose portraits appear on ancient coins.  Should be entertaining and educational!

Tue. 8/12 4:30 PM August 2014 FNS Meeting This month's program will be presented by Mr. Luis Ramos. Luis had the opportunity to view some of the exotic coins kept in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, including examples that have not been shown in public exhibitions. He will sh... more
Tue. 10/14 4:30 PM October FNS Meeting This will be our pre-coin show meeting. We will review preparations for the upcoming show (on 10/25 and 10/26) and make sure we have enough volunteers assigned to cover set-up, front tables, overnight security, and all the other chores that need to ... more
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